GSM Skimmers | ATM Skimmers For Sale

Wireless Freq GSM Skimmer 1.0

This model provides wireless retrieval of Track 2, Chip, PIN information. This is latest model of ATM Skimmers for sale.

Model Abilities:

70 Meters Range

Cards are stored with Software provided with Model

Works with all bank ATM’s wirelessly

Package 1: (Partial Kit)

Wireless Freq GSM Skimmer 1.0
Freq Scanner Software
Price : $4,000.00 USD


Package 2: (Full Kit)

Chip Encoder
EMV IK Chip Software
Magnetic Encoder
Magnetic Software
USB Cable
100 Chip Cards
User Manual
Freq Scanner Software
Price: $6,000.00 USD

This entire package is essentially what’s needed to endure much success in this industry of ATM Skimming.

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GSM Skimmers and Why It’s The Hottest Device Currently 

ATM skimmers, while many have not seen one personally, You have definitely heard of them by now. ATM skimming has been around for years. Our intelligently-crafted units, fitted to an ATM, are designed to stealthily collect credit and debit card information when they are used at an ATM. They are hard to recognize owing to their strong likeness to the original design components.

Moving up a notch now are the GSM skimmers. These GSM data receivers add functionalities to an otherwise standard skimmer. If you haven’t still heard of the GSM data receiver, here’s some scoop on the same.

Going Back to Basics

An ATM skimmer is a small device affixed to the card reader slot. Most have a tiny pole camera to capture information such as magnetic stripes and PINs. When a person inserts a card into the slot and enters the pin, the skimmer reads, collects and stores the data. The greater the number of transactions, the larger is the volume of data collected.

The process continues until the physical retrieval of what is attached to the ATMOr POS terminal. However, retrieving the device is the most challenging part of the process.

This is where a GSM data receiver comes in.

How is a GSM Skimmer different? As already mentioned, GSM skimmers are an improvement on the traditional ATM Skimmer. The primary distinguishing feature is the inbuilt wireless system. Instead of storing the data, the GSM receiver transmits the same to the computer.. Thus, You do not need to retrieve skimmer after information has been skimmed. It gives you remote access (wirelessly) to credit card details and debit card details. Not just this, it is highly advantageous as it reduces the risk of getting caught. Also, you don’t risk losing the data in case the police confiscate the device. To add, with earlier models, persons hired to attach and detach the device would steal the device and the information. A GSM skimmer removes that risk. Thereafter, the skimmer can be connected to a PC installed with software that monitors the operation of the device. Once you download the tracks to your PC, the information is coded as a security measure, preventing misuse by others.

Features of a GSM Skimmers

The features offered by GSM data receivers vary according to the team

The data receiver is made in a compact size so as to be discreet. GSM boasts of the ability to clone a card in real-time with the help of skimming software. Thus, with immediate access to card credentials, you can access your bank account as soon as the user withdraws cash.

Also, embedded in the GSM data receiver is a memory card with a capacity to store multiple credit card details. This upgrade is a wireless-enabled device. The fitted antennae can capture data within a radius of 70 meters.

The GSM data receiver is a device that connects straight to Computer unit. From the point of view of price, the cost of a GSM skimmer varies between $4000 to $6000.

A few GSM data receivers also include instructional videos and guides to help with setup and installation. If you are worried about being caught buying a GSM skimmer, you can get it shipped discreetly.