Chip Software – EMV Chip Software

EMV IK Chip Software

Software Abilities:
Read Emv Details
Write Emv Details
Copy Emv Details
Erase Emv Details
Retrieve Accurate SDA and DDA Encryption Code for Success of Cashout

Software Writer Support:
ALL EMV Writers.
Tested with over 20 Different EMV Writers

Price: 3,000.00 USD
Created and Programmed by Engineers.

To secure anonymous for both us and the customer. We only will accept BITCOIN as this time.

Once payment is confirmed we will provide a secret Link to customer and once we receive confirmation of download, we will provide Encryption Code to use EMV IK Chip Software.

This software can not be duplicated and made for resell. We have encrypted software to only be used with License key we provide.

If we detect any particular customer intent of Duplicating or using software on multiple devices we will suspend License key.

EMV IK Chip Software – Making Credit Card Cloning Possible

EMV is the latest revolution in the field of card payments. An abbreviation for Europay,MasterCard and Visa, these smart cards contain an embedded microchip. EMV chips were introduced to add a layer of security as they generate a unique transaction code for each purchase.

However, our high-end EMV chip writer software makes card cloning possible; this is despite the claims that it is next to impossible to duplicate an EMV chip card. Here’s explaining the features of our EMV reader writer software.

Skimming Card Data

Cloning an EMV card starts with collecting card-related data. Our Customers use a variety of our devices to collect this information stealthily. The chip embedded in an EMV card stores confidential data such as the Card Holder’s name, primary account number, the issue and expiry date, CVV codes etc. Some cards still have the traditional magnetic stripe. This is because select companies are yet to implement devices that read EMV cards. Data on credit or debit cards is sorted in the

form of tracks. There are three tracks. Track 1 and 2 generally store important data that is required to authenticate a transaction.

Card information is retrieved by a method called skimming or shimming or using a GSM Data Receiver . The process involves placing a skimmer or shimmer at a POS terminal. Given their compact sizes (shimmers are half the thickness of a credit card), they easily fit into card slots. Not just this, exact replication of keypads and card slots on POS terminals and ATMs make they are hard to detect. Card information can also be obtained by fraudsters by inserting malware at a POS terminal.Our devices offer expansive storage, with the ability to record 2000+ transactions.

The data is retrieved either by physically collecting from an atm skimmer or through GSM Receiver. GSM Freq Device transmits data wirelessly via Wireless Bank Freq Networks and can be downloaded to the PC.The hardware is connected to the PC to transfer data.

EMV Reader/ Writer Software

With our EMV IK chip software, you can read, write, copy and erase EMV details onto blank cards. In order to start using the EMV IK chip reader software, you will have to first download and install it to your PC. Each software package is provided with a unique license key needed to run the software. To read a card, first connect the software to the hardware.

The process of creating a duplicate card starts with choosing an appropriate applet (JAVA card format) and the card model you would like to use. The options available for The latter are MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Diners, Maestro and the likes. The EMV writer software dialogue box includes slots for inserting the Track 1 and Track 2 Data. Sift through the card data skimmed. Enter the appropriate data in the relevant slots. Thus, it will prompt you to enter the card holder name, PIN etc. Enable Dynamic Data Authentication, Load Response and Load ARQC key. The software is capable of retrieving accurate SDA and DDA Encryption Codes enabling a successful cashout. The the final step involves choosing to encode the card as a credit or debit card. Your card is ready to use.

These newly written cards are encoded onto blank EMV chip cards. Our multi-functional EMV read write software can write onto new blank cards or used ones. In case you use a blank card, it will directly copy the track information. However, for a used card, it will erase the old tracks before copying new ones.